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General - How do I change my password?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Employees at Jefferson State use a single password to log on to JSCC computers, the myJSCC portal, Office 365 and other JSCC services. Changing your password will update your password for everything, but can take up to 24 hours to sync across all services, though most should be updated within minutes.

There are two ways employees can change their passwords:

  1. The preferred method is for employees to simply use Ctrl+Alt+Del from their work PC while on campus and connected to the network, from there users can click 'change password' where they'll be prompted to confirm their current password before setting a new one. This ensures that password changes are updated on both the local computer and other services the college uses.

  2. Alternatively, users can login to the password manager at and follow the prompts to change their passwords. However, be aware that this method can cause problems for users whose computers are not connected to the on-campus network. When using the website to change their password, laptop and Surface users may have to plug into the on-campus network before the user's password will sync to the local computer. Users may have to use their previous password on their local computer until they connect to the on-campus network.

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