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Voicemail - Initial setup and password management
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Outlook 365:
Full time employees should start seeing voicemail sync with their Office 365 email inbox shortly after their account is setup, but be aware that deleting any voicemails from Office 365 will also remove it from the voicemail server and visa versa.

Dial in:
Using your handset dial 7977 and the default password of 1234#, there will be a brief setup tutorial that needs be completed. After the initial setup all you'll have to do in the future is dial 7977 and input your new PIN to check voicemail via the handset.

Web Access:
To use the web access just follow this link; . From there you should select UC Login and use your extension as username and your default password of 'jeffstate'. Once logged in your can click the 'Messages' button to view, sort and listen to your voicemail. You should be prompted to set a new password on first login, but if not you can manage your password under Settings --> Account.

Record Greetings:
You can change greetings using either the web access or dial in
  • Web: If your PC has a microphone or camera/mic combo, you'll just click 'Greetings,' select where you want the greeting heard and record.
  • Dial in: For the dial in system, once logged in from 7977 press 8 and then 2 to reach the greetings menu.
If you have any trouble or just need to ask a question, please contact us at the Help Desk using the via email at:

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